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The Benefits of Becoming a SEMF Member Event:


  • Show may charge what they want for SEMF qualifying classes

  • Only one rider required to run class

  • Gives riders and trainers an obtainable, prestigious finals

  • Will attract riders that are trying to qualify to attend your show or shows

  • SEMF is an event that is not geared to the super rich only.  Our finals are for everyone!

  • Help expands the local & grass roots industry

  • Ability to obtain additional sponsorship

  • Only $50 to sanction our classes at your show! (This is new for the 2018 show year)


Requirements to Be a SEMF Member Event:


  • Complete and send in a show sanctioning application prior to show along with the $50 sanctioning fee. All forms in both fillable format for electronic  & downloadable/printable format are available below.

  • Notate that your show is a Southeast Medal Finals Member Event Member Event in the Prize List

  • Indicate with our logo or * that this class is a SEMF qualifying class or division, either in class specifications and/or time schedule. Logo in printable/downloadable format is available below.

  • Supply us with your logo link and we will include it on our web site

  • Have Southeast Riders League Membership Applications available in show office and/or a link to the online version on the show website. Membership form in printable/downloadable format is available below.

  • Send SEMF qualifying show results to Jennifer Adams within 10 days after event either electronically (preferred) at or by regular mail to: PO Box 1452 Brooksville, FL 34605


Recommendations for Member Events:


  • Place SEMF provided ad and membership application  in the prize list and program.  Online version include a logo link and any press release or advertisement

  • Make SEMF “How to Qualify” and “List of Finals Offered” available to exhibitors at show

  • Include “SEMF” with each Qualifying Class (ex: M&S / SEMF Child / Adult Jumper)

  • Run as many SEMF qualifiers as separate classes or classics as possible **we strongly encourage and appreciate all shows to hold the SEMF JR Medal as a separate class

  • Direct and encourage clients to go to to help reduce questions

  • PA announcements informing exhibitors that your show is a SEMF Member

  •  ___________________ qualified for the 2018 SEMF Finals! (To be held August 31-Septeber 2, 2018 at the Tampa fairgrounds)

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