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Southeast Medal Finals offers a special end of season culmination and finals show that is both attainable and affordable for everyone. We want to appeal to those coming to their first finals to those going to indoors.

We offer finals at all levels in the hunters, jumpers and medals. Your owners Jennifer and James Adams appreciate all input and suggestions. We aim to put on a show you will want to attend again and again!

2024 Featured Finals:


 Junior Medal Finals (3'6") 

Children's Medal Finals  (3')

Adult Medal Finals (3')

Low Children's Medal Finals (2'6")

Low Adult Medal Finals (2'6")

Pony Medal Finals (2'3", 2'6" 2'9")
Children's Pony Medal Finals (2', 2'6")

Novice Medal Finals (2')

Short/Long Stirrup Medal Finals (18") 

Crossrail Medal Finals 

Poles Medal Finals


Children's Hunter Finals (3')

Adult Hunter FInals (3')

Low Children's Hunter Finals (2'6")

Low Adult Hunter FInals (2'6")

Junior Hunter Finals (3'3" or 3'6")

Amateur Owner Hunter Finals (3'3" or 3'6")

Pony Hunter Finals (2'3", 2'6" 2'9")

Children's Pony Hunter Finals (2', 2'6")

Novice Hunter Finals (2')

Short/Long Stirrup Hunter Finals (18") 

Crossrail Hunter Finals


Low Children's/Adult Jumper FInals (1.0m)

High Children's/Adult Jumper Finals (1.10m)

Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Finals (1.20m)

0.85m Jumper Finals

Special Classes
$3000 3' Hunter Derby
$1000 2'6" Hunter Derby
$2000 Gambler's Choice
$15,000 Grand Prix
$1000 Mini Mini Prix
Equitation Team Challenge
Parent Leadline

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